Jul 26, 2014

L-Isla, photo taken from Valletta

L-Isla, photo taken from Valletta - by Martin Xuereb

The Costa Riviera at the Grand Harbour

The Costa Riviera at the Grand Harbour, photo by Martin Xuereb

Valletta Grand Harbour

Photo showing a magnificient view of the Valletta Grand Harbour by Martin Xuereb, San Gwann

Msida church

Msida church in all it's glory. The feast of the patron saint St. Joseph was held recently.

Photo by Martin Xuereb, San Gwann

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Jul 24, 2014

The little island of Comino

The little island of Comino has a small chapel, Santa Maria Tower, a hotel, a cemetery that is not used any more, and a bakery which also is not used any more.  Only 3 inhabitants are living on the island at the moment.  There are beautiful views, magnificent sea and serenity.  

Photos by Christine Farrugia

Cirkewwa Harbour

These photos were taken in Cirkewwa from the rocks close to the Harbour where the Gozo Ferry set sail for Gozo.  Photos taken by Christine Farrugia.

Chinese Garden in Santa Lucija, Malta

This photo showing the Chinese Garden was sent by Christine Farrugia.

The Chinese Garden in Malta was renovated a few weeks ago.  The garden was built in the form of a story.  The fountain at the entrance is a significant of life.  Going further on in the garden one finds the masculine lion statue and the feminine lioness statue with a cub representing the parents with their baby.  At the end of the garden there are some trees representing the end of our lives, like a cemetery. 

Jul 20, 2014

Bugibba Sunset

Clint Micallef sent these 2 pictures taken in Bugibba during sunset. On the background there is a glimpse of St. Pauls' Islands.

Jul 18, 2014

Large caves along the northern Gozitan coastline

"Here is another pic I would like to share with the community of FirstMalta" stated Philip Mizzi.
 In this pic one can see two large caves along the northern Gozitan coastline between Xwejni and Wied il-Ghasri. Subject to correction, this cave is known by the name: Ghar il-Qamh located at what is known by these names, Ras il-Kanun, Ras ic-Catta, Is-Siggu, Il-Bajda, L-Inxjuxar (Source: “The Place names of the Coast of Gozo” by Joe Zammit Ciantar).

The cave (at the forefront) is a very large cave that extends from the sea level nearly up to the rock face more than 200 feet above. During big northerly storms sea spray will rush out from cracks above this cave some 20 feet or more from the cliff edge! The sound coming up through these cracks are terrifying and one would feel the power of the storm raging more than 200 feet below! A  truly big and awesome cave!

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