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Do you think that Malta should send troops to Libya in any upcoming United Nations peacekeeping mission?


Do you prefer Renzo Piano's new entrance to Valletta or do you prefer the old 'city gate' entrance?

Do you agree with Spring Hunting, How will you vote in the Referendum?

Who is the best politician Malta ever had?

Who is the best TV presenter in Malta?

Do you agree that the Government is selling Maltese Passports?

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Should we make smoking completely illegal in Malta?

Who do you think is the best Internet Service Provider in Malta?

Who is the most attractive female personality?

Do you think the economy is better or worse under the Labour government in Malta?

Do you think the next referendum should try to stop fireworks from Malta?

Who is the best Female politician in Malta?

What is the best option for transport between Malta & Gozo?


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